• Premium grade Vietnamese rice known for its superior quality and taste.

  • Sourced from the fertile fields of Vietnam, ensuring the highest standards of purity.

  • Rich in nutrients and flavor, perfect for creating authentic Vietnamese dishes.

  • Carefully selected and processed to maintain the natural goodness of the rice.

  • Elevate your meals with the finest Vietnamese rice available on the market.

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Our High-quality Vietnamese rice is sourced from the lush rice paddies of Vietnam, which are known for producing some of the finest rice in the world. Grown with care and expertise, this premium rice is characterized by its long grains, delicate aroma, and fluffy texture when cooked. Perfect for various dishes, our Vietnamese rice is sure to elevate your culinary creations to new heights. Experience the superior quality and taste of authentic Vietnamese rice with every bite. 1. KDM Rice: This rice has long grains and a fragrant aroma. It takes about 6 months to grow and is known for being delicious, sweet, and fragrant when cooked. It is mainly grown in the border areas of Vietnam and Cambodia. 2. ST21 (RVT) Rice: ST21 rice has slim, small grains and is about 6.8mm in length. This rice is popular for its high plasticity, sweet taste, and natural aroma. It remains delicious even after cooling. It can be preserved for 5-6 months while retaining its aromatic plasticity. 3. Nàng Hoa Rice: Nàng Hoa rice is known for its fragrant, soft, and sweet flavor. It is a specialty in the Southwest region of Vietnam. Nàng Hoa rice has a gentle, long-lasting aroma and a mild sweetness. It is rich in calcium and iron, providing energy and great texture when cooked. 4. Japonica (DS1) Rice: Japonica rice is round and flexible, with lower amylose content and high amylopectin content. When cooked, it becomes white, round, and stretches like pearl beads. It is known for its plasticity, toughness, softness, strong rice flavor, natural sweetness, and nutritional value. 5. Jasmine 85 Rice: Jasmine rice is a fragrant rice with a short growing time. It occupies the largest area of rice fields in Vietnam due to its high yield and value. Jasmine 85 rice variety was introduced in Vietnam in 1992 and is widely produced in the Mekong Delta provinces. It is a high-quality rice that meets export standards. 6. Đài Thơm 8 Rice: This rice variety was bred from a cross between a mother variety of BVN and a father of OM 4900. It has elongated, clear, and unkempt rice grains with 16.29% amylose content. It has a light aroma and is known for its delicious, sticky texture. 7. 504 Rice: This rice, mainly grown in the Mekong Delta, is famous for its low price, affordability, and moderate-income. It has a gourd shape and makes the rice bloom and dry after cooking.
High Quality Vietnamese Rice
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High Quality Vietnamese Rice

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